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With over 30 years in the music industry our team provide the most in-depth product walkthroughs to give you everything you need to know to navigate the music industry.

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ozone 10 audio mastering

Ozone 10 

Is Izotopes latest Ozone release worth the upgrade? We take a deep dive into the latest release and see if its keeping up with tradition.

Read Our – Ozone 10 Walkthrough

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DAW & Recording

Complete walkthroughs of the latest and greatest digital workstations to help with your recordings.

INstruments & Equipment

Walkthroughs on everything from guitars to midi controllers. Live performance gear to sound interfaces we cover them all.

Software & Plugins

A comprehensive guide through all plugins and software that a musician or record producer will ever need right here.

We find out which digital audio workstation is best for your production.

DAW & Recording Who is #1?

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Studio Monitors

So Many On The Market…..

Our goal is to deep dive in to each and every studio monitor to find out is there really a difference between what money can buy and the music you can put out?

Over three decades of music production and live events our team will give you the easiest walkthrough of studio monitors. Easy to understand to ensure you know what you’re getting.

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