Arturia V Collection Review

Arturia’s V Collection is a comprehensive software bundle of virtual instruments that has become a go-to choice for many music producers and composers. With a range of classic analog synths, electric pianos, organs, and other keyboard instruments, the V Collection offers a versatile toolkit for creating a wide variety of musical styles.

We will take a closer look at the V Collection by Arturia. We’ll discuss the features of the bundle, the number of presets it offers, and notable musicians or songs that have used it in their production.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore the world of music production or an experienced producer searching for a new sound, we are going in deep with our Arturia V Collection review.

What is the Arturia V Collection?

The V Collection is a virtual instrument bundle created by Arturia, a leading music software and hardware manufacturer. The V Collection was first released back in 2005 and has seen many updates over the past 20 years. The latest version of the company’s popular software package that emulates classic analog synths, electric pianos, organs, and other keyboard instruments.

Virtual instruments have become an integral part of modern music production. They provide musicians and producers with a cost-effective and flexible way to access a range of high-quality sounds without the need for physical instruments. With virtual instruments like the V Collection 9, users can create unique sounds, layer multiple instruments, and experiment with different combinations to achieve a wide variety of tones and styles.

One of the key benefits of the V Collection is its extensive library of presets. The bundle comes with over 8000 presets, covering a wide range of musical genres and styles. The presets are designed to provide users with a starting point for their own creativity, allowing them to quickly find and experiment with different sounds. The V Collection 9 also includes advanced features such as effects, arpeggiators, and modulation controls that give users even more options to shape their sound.

V Collection  Features


Unique Electric Piano


Wurlitzer Growl


Simple Control


Rhodes Character


Stunning Phaser


Clean Deep Tones


World Class Synth Bundle

The Arturia V Collection is widely considered a world-class synth bundle for many reasons but we honestly haven’t seen the attention to detail that’sgone into V Collection from any other virtual instrument bundle. Ever. Period.

Soundscape, design and user experience has got to be as close to the original synth’s they recreate. That alone puts this bundle into a league of its own.

Backed by Arturia’s reputation for quality and innovation. The company has a long history of producing cutting-edge music technology, and the V Collection is no exception. With regular updates and improvements, the V Collection continues to evolve and remain at the forefront of the virtual instrument market. All of these factors combine to make the Arturia V Collection a truly world-class synth bundle that is essential for any serious music producer or musician.

There is now issue between DAW’s either  as each of the instruments work flawlessly on everything from Ableton Live to Logic Pro.

Best Plugins In V Collection?

Mellotron V – This plugin brings the classic sound of the vintage Mellotron keyboard to your productions, featuring an array of authentic tape-based samples.

DX7 V – This plugin faithfully emulates the iconic Yamaha DX7 digital synthesizer, complete with its unique frequency modulation synthesis.

Buchla Easel V – This plugin is a spot-on emulation of the experimental Buchla Music Easel modular synthesizer, with its touch-sensitive panels and unique sound design capabilities.

The Arturia V Collection is as we’ve mentioned a comprehensive bundle of virtual instruments that includes some of the most iconic synthesizers and keyboards ever produced. Now it can be overwhelming at times so we thought we would share our picks for the best plugins in the collection. Obviously everyone will have their own needs and music tastes but here are some of our picks for most well rounded of the group.

Analog Lab 4 – This plugin is the ultimate keyboard and synth anthology, featuring over 6,000 presets from Arturia’s range of classic synths and keyboards.

Piano V2 – This plugin accurately emulates nine legendary pianos, from concert grands to studio uprights and everything in between.

Synthi V – This plugin is a faithful emulation of the vintage EMS Synthi AKS, complete with its unique matrix pin interface and patchable routing.

CZ V – This plugin is an updated version of the classic Casio CZ series, featuring new features and improved sound quality while retaining the signature digital sound of the original.

Don’t start yelling at your screen, if you’ve used the V Collection and we didnt have two of the heavy hitters. Keep reading :=)

The Jun-6 V & Jup-8 V

Now without question. The best addition to this ever growing bundle has been the Jun-6V and its cousin the Jup-8V. Some will argue that the ARP2600 played a huge role in how this bundle came to life some what nearly 20 years ago now. Insane to think that for nearly two decades we have had some of the greatest sounding virtual instruments all availble in one pack. So what can we say about the Jun-6V and Jup-8V.

The Jup-8V yes you may already know that this is Arturia’s version of the one and only Jupiter 8 synth which has been a personal favourite of mine with its titanic analog presence for many years. While buying a Jupiter 8 is almost like buying a car these days, the next best thing is the Jup-8V. Whether your designing your own arpeggio or want that huge range of depth from a full bodied synth (it could be a fine wine lol). Preset wise you can make everything from 80’s electro to trance without really having to do much programming. But it comes to life when using it for pads and ambience. One thing to note use it wisely because it can quiet easily take over your mix. 

What about the Jun-6V the Juno-6 recreation, and could we start without talking about the DCO? Nope. This is the heart and sould of the Jun-6V bringing life to any of the synthesis you choose to build your sounds from.  Presets wise – unbelievable organ reproduction which uses a cheeky filter, enevlope and resonsance combination to give a chirpy organ sound. From 80’s electro funk to new age funk and everything in between the Jun-6V is a must use synth from this bundle.

Is the V Collection The Best Synth Bundle Ever?

It’s definitely in our top #3 best synth bundles ever released and because of its value which is almost crazy when you break it down. At our last check – and bare in mind you can get the bundle on sale at certain times of the year. At almost $30 per plugin for the sound library, control and recreations you get for the price its unmatched.

Now those who are in twined with say NI eco system then we can understand the argument for the Komplete to be their favourite. Even those who don’t have the NI hardware its worth while. Korg has been a fan favourite for a long time and with good reason also. While we’re expecting Roland Cloud to continue to grow it’s still in its younger stages compared to the Arturia bundle.

Overall the value and amazing sound of the V Collection will keep it at the top for years to come. Currently there is nothing like it. It’s progressively gotten better over time and doesn’t look like stopping. 

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