Logic Pro X – Apple’s DAW?

I’ll get some critisism for this but as a die hard Windows user from the early ninties and to be fair when I was growing up I didn’t have Apple money. We will touch on that later. But as Apples power house DAW  Logic Pro X can be traced back to the days of EMagic in 2002. Apple looked to build its own production suite from its back bone. Logic Pro X encapsulates a plethora of powerful features designed to craft, edit, and produce music with a finesse that is both accessible and deeply customizable. With its intuitively structured workflow and robust functionality, it has not only democratized music production but also found its place amidst hobbyists and top-tier producers alike.

Logic Pro X:
Released and Backstory

Released in July 2013, Logic Pro X emerged as Apple’s successor to Logic Pro 9, weaving a narrative of progression and innovation in the realm of audio production. The roots of Logic Pro X are entwined with Emagic, a German software company that Apple acquired in 2002.

The intention was crystal clear: to elevate and encapsulate a symbiosis of technology and music, crafting a tool that could bridge creativity with technical precision. Since its advent, Logic Pro X has continually evolved, with updates and features that echo the needs and aspirations of its diverse user base.

Logic Pro X Standout Features


Smart Controls


Drummer Feature


Flex Pitch


Midi Plugins


Track Alternatives


Automation Curves


A Price Point?

Now I see this on other sites and its very deciving especially for the novice producer. You can’t just jump on to Logic Pro X without having a solid Mac to support it. Priced at $199.99, it presents an investment into a comprehensive suite of music production tools, available exclusively via the Mac App Store. The price grants access to a massive library of sounds, robust functionality, and continuous updates that introduce new features and enhance stability.

However that is if you meet its minimum requirements and while its not that high every update seems to require a new OS requirement. Which to users on older hardware can actually end up being a deal breaker.

It’s a one-time purchase that encompasses a wide array of sounds and loops, instruments, and a host of impactful effects, delivering value to both novices and seasoned professionals alike.

Being one of the most affordable production software on the market. Logic Pro X does orchestrate a compelling case, intertwining advanced features with a one-time investment that eliminates the burden of recurring subscription fees.

If you are new to Apple and a their DAW’s see if you can get a test on a suite at your local Apple Store. I’ve had the luxury of getting a test run on a new Mac Pro rig so it can happen!

Big Name
Producers on Logic Pro X

billie and calvin

So who uses Logic Pro X and makes big name hits? We know of several big name producers who have adopted Logic Pro X as their ally in sonic explorations. Its elaborate and meticulous feature set has drawn the likes of Calvin Harris, who manipulates its tank load of plugins and instruments to sculpt his electronic beats.

Billie Eilish and her producer brother, Finneas O’Connell, weave their melancholic and enveloping tunes often using Logic Pro X, exploiting its expansive sound library and editing capabilities to manifest their unique soundscapes. Furthermore, Logic’s hip-hop credentials are exemplified by Metro Boomin, who crafts his iconic beats and production style, often within the confines of Logic’s versatile environment.

Charlie Puth, known for his infectious melodies and multi-instrumental skills, often utilizes Logic Pro X in his workflow, exploring its vast array of plugins and synthesizers to mould his chart-topping hits.

These artists, along with a many more covering a load of diverse genres and styles, find in Logic Pro X a reliable, expansive, and innovative partner. The DAW doesn’t merely record but aids in nurturing their creative seeds, sculpting them into the auditory experiences that echo across global stages and headphones alike.

Harmonizing Cost and Creativity

Logic Pro X, bridges the gap for those already in the Apple ecosystem, with its generous library, compelling features, and industry reputation, combined with affordable cost make it a no brainer. For artists and producers, it is not merely a tool but a gateway into unexplored realms of creativity, where the only limit is imagination itself.

In the echo chambers of big-name producers and the silent studios of budding musicians, Logic Pro X amplifies every note, every beat, and every idea into tangible, auditory reality, crafting soundscapes that resonate, inspire, and immerse. Its price and industry use simultaneously articulate its value and versatility, resonating across various scales, genres, and creative philosophies.

Here’s one thing I really want to mention that while its gradually dropped its mentions in recent years is stability.  Logic and Apple have always been one of the most reliable production combos going. While I have seen many issues with plugins from third parties in years gone by. It really is something that still stands true today. Stability is what you want as a producer having your DAW freeze or even worse crash only to come back with a recovery screen and miss out on the last hook you just wrote (looking at you Ableton). Logic Pro X has it on lock. 

Is Logic Pro X For Everyone?

No, simply put. As I mentioned earlier if you aren’t on the Apple ecosystem then it becomes an expensive and confusing path to take. Speak from personal experience I use my studio PC for every day things such as work (writing, and marketing) as well as enjoying content creation.  While Mac’s can do all of this I would never change platforms just for production purposes.

Many years ago there was a huge issue with stability on the Windows ecosystem but that has gotten better and better year over year.

However if you are on a Mac. You really have to to consider Logic Pro X as a serious DAW for your music production. Stability, flexible software supported with a great library of sounds and FX at its price point really can’t be beaten. 

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